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Villavicencio UX, UI, and Instructional Designer

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Projects: Online instructional design

The following are examples of Instructional Design projects. I used Storyline 2, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects in order to complete these projects.

Online Class project: Presentation project: Concept phase

The following is an example of my concept phase for an Instructional design project. I try to capture the most important aspects and critical features, then I get feedback from the client, and make the appropriate changes.

Elearning Screenshots

These are the screens generated after the concept and feedback phase. Usually, very little changes are down at this stage because the majority of the issues have been addressed in the previous phase of development.

UI and UX designs

These are the screens generated for UI and UX applications. Regardless of desktop, intranet, or mobile applications, they all need good and successful interface designs.